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Big Easy Boost (Kiva Fellow Sample Entry)

Kiva Blog Entry November 9, 2008

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Winnie is a New Orleans Native. She runs the “Youth Café”: a catering business that employs teenagers and young adults. The youth are trained in all aspects of the restaurant and catering industry. Once they’ve completed their paid training, Winnie helps connect them to hotels and restaurants throughout the city.


They currently prepare the food for the catering events out of Winnies home. She needs a loan to rebuild a suitable restaurant abandoned after Hurricane Katrina where she plans to have a full service lunch in addition to the catering menu.


Winnie says that most of these teens have felt abandoned by their community since Hurricane Katrina. She refers to New Orleans as a village and often reminisces about the way she was nurtured growing up. Through the “Youth Café” she is rebuilding her village to support a vibrant future much like that of its past.




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